Non surgical solutions to your back pain

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Special Treatment for Back Pain attracts patients to Natural Pain Solutions

Are you suffering with persistent sciatica or back pain? Do you need of a solution sooner rather than later?

Dr. Grace at Natural Pain Solutions (NPS) is only practitioner in Portland offering Lordex spinal disc decompression therapy. Lordex decompression is a non-surgical treatment for back pain.  NPS  utilizes the newest technology in the non-surgical approach to treating herniated and degenerative disc injuries, as well as conditions caused by a surgical failure, and strain/sprains, and the sciatica that is often associated with those conditions. In combination with decompression, Dr. Grace also incorporates physical therapy to strengthen the spine and mitigate future injuries.

The location and size of a disc bulge has a lot to do with the type and amount of pain experienced, as well as the appropriate treatment options.  Chiropractors have much success by realigning the vertebra above or below thereby taking some of the pressure off the disc.  From a therapy perspective it becomes very important to increase flexibility by stretching, not only the back, but also the muscles of the legs.

Another powerful treatment incorporated at NPS is physical therapy. Exercises are prescribed to strengthen the intrinsic muscles of the back using the RX-1 in the office. And home exercises are taught for the spinal muscles and abdomen.

Spinal decompression therapy is a set of protocols, developed by a team of neurologists, chiropractors, orthopedics, and neurosurgeons to rehabilitate and heal damaged discs. These discs are pads that act as shock absorbers between vertebrae.  Because of age or trauma, damage to these discs can occur.  That damage can cause a portion of the Intervertebral disc material to leak out—bulge out—or herniate—and this bulge can press against the spinal cord or other nerves.

This disc could be compared to a jelly doughnut.  There is a middle portion that is like the gooey inside and outer fibers that make the shell that holds the insides in place.  The fibers that hold the inside of our spinal discs in place can crack as we age or are injured and allow some of the inside material to seep out from the center of the disc. This creates a bulge, or a protrusion, which can put pressure on one of the nerve roots.  That’s why you can often get this tingling, burning, numbness into your leg and foot, called Sciatica.

The concept of decompression therapy is a proven principle:  Reduce the pressure on the disc and allow negative pressure to develop.  The negative pressure will cause a vacuum.  The vacuum will allow the jelly material to flow back, reduce the protrusion, and reduce the pain.  More importantly, repeated decompression promotes the diffusion of water, protein, oxygen, and other nutrients into the disc and this promotes healing.  Decompression is superior to traction. Tractions fails in many cases because it causes muscular stretch receptors to fire, which then cause paraspinal muscles to contract. Decompression overrides the nervous system through stretching tissues and relaxation. This allows healing and recovery to occur at a much deeper level for most patients.

For patients that have not responded to usual chiropractic care and/or physical therapy, non-surgical decompression should considered.

Call: (503)684-9698 to learn about the possibilities for healing your back and sciatic pain WITHOUT the need for costly and agonizing surgery. This non-surgical, decompression method has proven 86% effective for herniated or bulging disc; degenerative disc; sciatica; pre and post-surgery patients; and, Acute or chronic low back pain.

Find freedom from pain; learn how to take your life back now!

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