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Over 25 years ago, Dr. Jeffrey K. Tunick was confronted with the difficult fact and reality that low back pain was often at best, managed not cured. Dr. Tunick studied and employed a wide range of treatment approaches to seek solutions to the growing problem of chronic and severe low back and leg pain that afflicts our society in epidemic proportions. While many of the techniques and treatments employed were helpful, he was convinced that a treatment protocol that would approach mechanical spinal pathology of the low back with a mechanical solution would prove to be the most effective.

Dr. Tunick found The most elegant solution was with non-surgical decompression. With this approach to spinal healing there is no jarring adjustments on patients that are in a fragile condition. Decompression allows the body to be in its most optimal environment to promote rehabilitation.

The association of Drs. Tunick and Grace was a fortuitous outcome. Dr. Grace formed his philosophy on healing from the minimally invasive subtle cranio/sacral modalities.

Dr. Grace feels that weakening and flexibility of the muscles of the back has to be addressed if people are ever going to make lasting recoveries from their back pain. Having utilized a number of advanced techniques in the treatment of lower back and leg pain, his association with Dr. John Boren at the Lordex Spine Institute of Houston was a ‘watershed’ moment in Dr. Grace’s lifelong quest to improve the care and treatment of these difficult conditions.

As Natural Pain Solution’s physicians, Dr. Grace often consults with fellow chiropractic, medical, osteopathic and naturopathic physicians to assist in the management of difficult lower back and leg pain cases. He devotes his time to the treatment of chronic and severe pain, helping people to live better and fuller lives.

“After all, helping someone to ‘take back their life’ is one of the most important contributions we can make; giving someone the ability to play with their children, to be able to work, to be as active as they were before they were stricken with pain is our primary goal.”