Auto Accident Management

Being involved in an Auto Accident is a traumatic event that often times changes your life.  It can often be difficult to know which way to turn to get help.  When you find yourself unexpectedly in need of health care professionals who truly know what to do after an accident, we’re the doctors you need to call first!

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At Natural Pain Solutions our health care team specializes in treating injuries associated with auto accidents. We treat all of our patients as people, not statistics.  At all times you deserve respect and dignity; something you may feel you don't get when dealing with insurance adjusters and other legal entities following a motor vehicle accident.

Frequently it may be days, weeks, or even months before long term affects are known after an injury.  Pain medications may mask painful symptoms causing you to delay getting proper treatment. An immediate thorough spinal assessment is not only important to your physical recovery but is also a critical part of documenting the appropriate information that may be needed for any insurance claims you may wish to file to receive the compensation you deserve and protect your legal rights.

At Natural Pain Solutions each patient undergoes a thorough physical examination and required diagnostic imaging studies are ordered. These may include MRI or other radiographic studies (x-rays) to determine and document the extent of your injuries.  This enables the physician to customize a treatment plan and begin the process of pain relief and correction to allow for healing and rehabilitation.

We can help you preserve and strengthen any insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit you may want to file while providing you the necessary care for your injuries.  Our goal is to help you attain a full physical recovery whenever possible from all damages associated with the incident.  In many cases, our documentation and findings can help you - and other parties involved in the accident, be able to reach a fair settlement for things like medical bills, lost income (from time missed at work due to your injuries), and any future medical treatment(s) that may be necessary to your recovery.

Many people suffer needlessly from painful symptoms for months, years and even for the remainder of their life, not knowing that conservative care can provide the relief they are seeking. In most cases your auto insurance will pay for 100% of your treatment regardless of who was at fault. Immediate and accurate documentation of your injuries are crucial in ensuring you are fairly compensated for your pain & suffering as well as covered for all treatments necessary for recovery and healing.

Common Injuries after an Accident

Neck Pain: Commonly referred to as "whiplash" is caused by sudden forward, backward, or side movement of the head.  This sudden movement can cause tearing of the muscles and ligaments in the neck and may also include injury to spinal joints, discs and nerves.

Mid Back: The thoracic spine is most commonly injured as a result of most seat belt designs.  As the torso moves forward the seat belt locks and the torso is forced to stop at the end of the shoulder strap.  Because the shoulder strap crosses only one shoulder (usually the left), the side without a strap (usually right) is able to travel forward further which results in a forward flexing and twisting injury to the mid back.  If you were in the passenger seat this shoulder strap crosses in the opposite direction from this example, but the mechanics of a twisting injury remain the same.

Lower Back: The lumbar spine is also frequently injured, but the mechanism differs from the above.  As the torso and pelvis move forward they are stopped by the lap belt. However, the torso continues to move with a shearing force in the lumbar spine resulting in lumbar disc injuries.

Upper & Lower Extremities: Shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, legs, ankles, feet, and toes are also commonly injured while trying to brace oneself during impact.  These injuries are typically seen by drivers and passengers not wearing a seat belt. In most cases, the actual damage is to the cervical and/or lumbar areas of the spine.

Symptoms May Include: Headache, neck & shoulder pain, low back pain, arm & leg pain (including the feet and hands), pins & needles sensation, numbness, disc problems muscle spasms, fatigue, decreased ability to handle stress, memory impairment, neuropathies, PTSD and more.

Spinal injuries as a result of auto accidents frequently damage a number of pain sensitive structures located in the spinal region.  When these tissues are injured pain and discomfort and often physical limitation is experienced.  Damage to these structures often results in tissue inflammation, edema, microscopic hemorrhage, and the release of noxious chemicals such as histamine, prostaglandins, substance P, and kinins which further hypersensitize already painful and injured tissues.  When spinal injury occurs spinal muscles often reflexively spasm to protect the area from further injury - whether or not the muscles are injured.  The use of pain medications and/or muscle relaxants often mask these symptoms and can often prolong recovery times, therefore their use must be closely monitored.

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