Looking For A Way To Avoid Back Surgery?

Discover A Highly Effective Non-Surgical Treatment To Help You Eliminate Your Pain And Start Living Your Life Again

One of the most frustrating things in the world is not being able to participate in life’s most enjoyable activities because your body isn’t cooperating. Unfortunately, more than 21 million Americans suffer from debilitating low back pain, leg and foot pain, and extremely limited mobility. In fact, by the age of 40, more than 80% of Americans will have suffered some kind of back pain.

But it doesn’t matter if you are in your twenties, sixties, or older, because this kind of pain doesn’t discriminate based on age. And while your symptoms may differ from others, the key to solving the problem is to identify the deeper cause of why your low back and legs are in such bad shape.

If you’ve been struggling with low back and leg pain, and have consulted a medical professional about your condition, they may have suggested unnecessary surgical procedures or life-long prescription medications. But the good news is that once you understand the core causes of your pain, there may be simple treatments available to you that don’t require medications or expensive invasive surgery.

So… how do you best identify the root causes of your pain that have kept you from experiencing life to the fullest? Well, let’s start by exploring some of the most common problems related to low back and leg pain.

Are You Suffering From or Have You Been Professionally Diagnosed With One Of The Following Problems?

If you’ve been experiencing trouble walking, your feet have been numb “falling asleep,” you’ve felt “shooting pain” or nerve pain in your legs or feet, or believe you are suffering from sciatica, keep reading.

Low Back and Leg Pain is often associated with one or more of the following:

General Back Pain: Back pain can result from a number of things, including everyday physical or athletic activity. Often unplanned or overuse of your muscles can result in what you might think of as a minor injury. But brushing this kind of pain off as “no big deal” can be a mistake, because while the pain disappeared within a few days, in reality, your body has started to adapt to the injury. This adaptation is usually a group of muscles tightening to compensate for the injury. This group of muscles is often in the Low Back since it serves as a pivot point in the body.

Disc Problems (Including Herniated and/or Bulging Discs): When you put continued stress on the “shock absorbing structures” in between the bony parts of your spine, they can start to shrink or perform in a way that isn’t healthy. Think of your discs as balloons that are getting constantly squeezed in one direction all the time as you go about your day. The difference between bulging and herniated discs is usually the difference between the need for aggressive care or surgery (this can be determined via an exam and advanced imaging).

Sciatica: Sciatica is a symptom of an underlying condition that may be caused by a number of issues, including disc problems like a herniated disc. The result is often described as pain, numbness, and/or weakness that radiate along the sciatic nerve from the lower back to the buttocks and leg.

Spinal Stenosis: If you think about the water pipes in your home, they tend to accumulate debris over time, making the passageway inside the pipes smaller. This is a simple way of looking at spinal stenosis, which is the narrowing of the passageway inside your spine. Spinal stenosis can put pressure on the spinal cord and the nerves within the spine, occurring most commonly in the neck and lower back.

Degenerative Disc Disease: Your spinal discs are soft, compressible discs that separate the interlocking bones (vertebrae) that make up the spine. Often, through a combination of factors like inflammation and abnormal micromotion instability, the discs between your vertebrae can lose their cushioning or become fractured. If you are dealing with this condition you may feel tingling, numbness, or pain in the legs, thighs, and buttocks that can worsen when you are standing. You might also experience muscle spasms, nerve injury, physical deformity, and/or stiffness.

A Relapse or Failure Following Surgery: Surgery may not address 100% of your pain. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a surgical procedure to be performed, missing the root cause of a problem. Whether it’s a relapse of pain or the failure of the procedure, many patients do find their pain has returned. This may happen immediately or several months (or years), following surgery.

Now that you’ve learned a little bit about some of the most common problems associated with Low Back and Leg Pain, what can you do to deal with those issues and start relieving that pain that is being caused (and get back to functioning at a higher level)?

The Non-Surgical Treatment Protocol We’ve Been Successfully Using to Help Our Patients Overcome Pain and Return To A Normal Life.

Natural Pain Solutions’Therapy:

Over the last fifteen years, we’ve focused our practice on helping patients beat low back and leg pain. While some offices focus on being a “catch-all” provider, we have been dialing in our procedure for helping patients who suffer from a few specific ailments and have adopted a highly successful customized therapy for helping individuals who have been afflicted with low back and leg pain.

lordex decompression equipment

Our Special Treatment Protocol uses a combination of Strength Restoration Therapy, Traction to Reduce Disk Pressure and Pain, and a Therapist-Assisted Stretch-Flex Program.

The Careful Combination of these treatments can help you overcome wear and tear that your body may have experienced. We take special care to never overdo it or push your body too fast. We make sure that we give your body the adequate amount of time that it needs to adapt to treatment. Our success rate with this condition is based on the fact that we always allow your body to do what it needs to do. No two patient’s conditions are alike and we make sure that we treat each condition as such. This is critical in making sure that you heal as quickly as possible while staying safe.

About Dr. Thomas Grace

Dr. Thomas Grace, not only owns Natural Pain Solutions but has benefitted, himself, from the very types of treatments he now offers his own patients. An avid outdoors adventurer, Dr. Grace suffered from a bulged disk in his neck, limiting his ability to ride his bike or enjoy other activities that were such an important part of his life. In fact, he got so inflamed that he could hardly even drive over to his Chiropractor’s office to address the problem.

His therapy worked so well, it made him a true believer in the ability to solve some of the body’s most painful and debilitating afflictions without the need for surgery or expensive medications.

Dr. Grace is a Nationally Certified Chiropractic Physician and a Graduate of the University of Western States with additional degrees from Gordon College, the State University of New York, and the University of Wyoming. He specializes in the treatment of Low Back Pain and enjoys helping patients in Portland.

How Do I know if the Natural Pain Solutions’  Spinal Decompression Therapy Right For Me?

Let Us Help You Make The Right Decision For Your Body

Our aim at Natural Pain Solutions is to provide the ideal course of treatment for each of our patients. We also want to make sure you understand and actively participate in the process of overcoming your pain. Of course, if we can’t help you, we’ll be certain to let you know, and help guide you to options that may better fit your needs.

The Natural Pain Solutions’ Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy Works Like This:

Step 1: Schedule an appointment.

Simply fill out the form below and we’ll send you an email requesting additional information to learn more about your condition. If your condition is something we think we can help with, we’ll schedule you for an appointment with Dr. Grace (if we don’t think your condition is a fit, we’ll refer you to where we think you should go).

Step 2: We Setup a Private Appointment with Dr. Thomas Grace

Come to your first appointment with Dr. Grace. We’ll make sure you can fill out the paperwork we need before you ever step foot into the office.

Step 3: We Do a Focused Exam to Determine Exactly what Causes Your Low Back Pain.

During the exam, the Doctor will perform some focused tests and exams to determine what condition you are actually suffering from. After the initial exam, we may need to do some advanced imaging in order to make a definitive diagnosis.

Step 4: We Will Walk You Through What We Found During the Exam and Present You With Your Options.

The Doctor will sit down with you and explain exactly what he found and walk you through all of your treatment options. You will be presented with all of the possible paths to treat what is going on in your specific case.

Step 5: YOU DECIDE if you want to Move Forward with Recommended Treatment.

Before beginning treatments, we’ll help you fully understand what is going on, what your options are, how much treatment will cost, and how long it will take. We make sure that you understand everything that is going on at every step of the process and that you are ready to move forward.

Step 6: We Help You Finally Get Your Pain under Control.

Once you approve the treatment plan, we get to work on helping you get back to maximum functioning capacity as quickly as possible.

How Do I Get In to See Dr. Thomas Grace and Find Out if Natural Pain Solutions’ Spinal Decompression Therapy Can Help Me?

We do our best to make it easy to get in to see Dr. Grace

Fill out the Short Form Below and Our Office will contact you and ask you to provide some additional details about your specific condition. If your condition is something we can help, we’ll get you in for an exam and meeting with the Doctor.

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