Non-surgical decompression is safe and painless

Looking for an alternative to spinal surgery?

Meet Dr. Grace, Chiropractic Physician

Years ago, Dr. Thomas Grace was confronted with the difficult fact and reality that low back pain was often at best, managed not cured.

Dr. Grace studied and employed a wide range of treatment approaches to seek solutions to the growing problem of chronic and severe low back and leg pain that afflicts our society in epidemic proportions.

While many of the techniques and treatments employed were helpful, he remained convinced that a treatment protocol that would approach mechanical spinal pathology of the low back with a mechanical solution would prove to be the most effective. Dr. Grace felt that the weakening and flexibility of the muscles of the back had to be addressed if people were ever going to make lasting recoveries from their back pain.

Having utilized numerous techniques in the treatment of lower back and leg pain, his decision to specialize in Non Surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy and his association with the Lordex Spine Institute of Houston was a “watershed” moment in Dr. Grace’s quest to improve the care and treatment of these difficult conditions. Dr. Grace specializes in the treatment of severe and chronic lower back and leg pain and is a recognized expert in the field of Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy and often consults with numerous physicians in Oregon as well as across the United States.

Dr. Grace often consults with chiropractic, medical, osteopathic and naturopathic physicians, and other healthcare professionals to assist in the management of difficult lower back and leg pain cases.  He devotes his time to the treatment of chronic and severe pain, helping people to live better and fuller lives.

“After all, helping someone to take back their life is one of the most important contributions we can make; giving someone the ability to play with their children, to be able to work, to be as active as they were before they were stricken with pain is our primary goal.”

On The Personal Side

In his spare time Dr. Grace can be found surfing in the ocean, telemarking on Mt. Hood, or skateboarding in his back yard. He was an AMGA rock and Ice Climbing guide from 1997-2002, when he hung up his shoes to teach in San Francisco. After relocating to Connecticut in 2005 for his wife’s residency, Thomas decided to change fields and pursue a career in medicine.

Academically Speaking

Dr. Grace, a 2015 graduate of University os Western States, has countless hours of postgraduate education in orthopedics, physical therapy, functional neurology, biomechanics, ergonomics, cranial/ sacral therapies, physical medicine and therapeutics and clinical nutrition; as well as diagnostic imaging including MRI and CT scan, nuclear bone imaging and thermography. Dr. Grace is a member of multiple chiropractic professional organizations and continues to attend post graduate education courses throughout the year.

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