Dr. Tunick’s Birthday Musings

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So I just had my 69th birthday on April 5, 2015 which coincided with the Easter holiday. Naturally I was feeling pretty blessed! I wanted to share some of my “Musings” while I was turning those pedals!  I celebrated on Saturday the 4th by completing a 71 mile bike ride from north Portland up to the Vista House at Crown Point with some of my cycling friends. The weather was beautiful and the views of the Columbia River Gorge were fantastic. I’ve included a picture so you can share the beauty!

The ride was terrific. We started at Wilshire Park and made our way over the I-5 bridge to Vancouver and then rode alongside Hwy 14 Eastbound to the 205 Bridge and back into Portland. We followed Marine Drive all the way to Troutdale and picked up the old Historic Columbia River Parkway and then climbed up through Springdale and Corbett, up past the Women’s Forum and on to the Vista House at Crown Point.

While I was admiring the view I couldn’t help thinking about how many people can’t do so many of the things they love because of persistent lower back and or leg pain. Have you had a chance to read the piece I wrote about sciatic pain?  It’s truly sad how many folks are unable to do things the rest of us take for granted each and every day. If you are suffering from sciatic or leg pain, I really do want to encourage you to attend the Spine Seminar  titled “Is Sciatic Pain Making Your Life Miserable?” I’m giving on April 22, 2015 from 6:00-7:30pm at Natural Pain Solutions. Just give Joni a call at the office and get yourself scheduled as seating is limited!