Spine Seminars

Ready to find out what the latest non-surgical treatments are for the spine? Have questions you wish someone would answer for you but can’t find a physician who can do so? Join us for a fun and informative 90 minutes and of course refreshments will be served!

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who is experiencing significant persistent back pain and wants to learn about available treatment options, wants a second opinion on their diagnosis, or is interested in avoiding invasive spine procedures will find Natural Pain Solutions seminars beneficial. Dr. Grace’s seminars are always informative, interactive and offer patients a chance to meet with an expert on spinal care who will not ‘talk down’, but will make sure you get the answers to your questions. Be sure to bring a friend or loved one that could also benefit.

Seminars have three main components: an informative presentation on back pain and treatment, MRI or CT scan review, and an optional individual discussion regarding insurance and scheduling. For more information on what to expect at one of our Spine Seminars, read more.

Back pain overview and treatment

Dr. Grace provides an overview of spine anatomy and back pain, discusses common spine conditions, and available treatment options. Attendees have the opportunity to ask questions in an open forum.

Common conditions discussed include herniated, bulging and ruptured discs, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, facet syndrome and piriformis ‘trap’ syndrome.

Before and after the general presentation, attendees have the opportunity to individually meet with Dr. Grace for a review of their radiographic images, i.e., MRI or CT scans, in addition to a symptoms and condition discussion.

Scheduling and insurance information

Our office manager Rachel Buckwalter will be available to provide scheduling and insurance information for those who wish to inquire further.

How to register

You can view seminar dates and times, or register for by visiting ‘events’ or calling our office at 503-684-9698.