Please Ensure That Future Coordinated Care Organizations in Oregon Do Not Discriminate Against Patients Who Choose To Utilize Chiropractic Healthcare!

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Attn: Cheryl Peters

Rules Coordinator Oregon Health Authority

Re: Public comment for rules about upcoming CCOs (comments period ending July 22)


To whom it may concern:

As a chiropractic patient, I am concerned about my future ability to have proper access to chiropractic care as healthcare reform in Oregon moves forward. Please ensure that patients like me, who choose to utilize chiropractic care, will have direct and unhindered access to their chiropractor without any referral or other hinderances. My chiropractor and I can decide if my health condition requires another type of provider, therefore direct access to a chiropractor is a key issue for me. Also, please, make sure that my chiropractor can actually get on to my CCO network if they so desire. Please make sure that the CCO networks are required to have adequate numbers of chiropractors (and other appropriate non-medical providers, for that matter) so that my chiropractor can get on to the CCOs if they choose. Chiropractic patients should not have to be screened by another provider, wait a long time, nor be forced to see a chiropractor inconveniently located. Please make sure that if I choose to see a chiropractor (or other appropriate non-medical provider, for that matter) that the CCOs have a sufficient number in their network. These CCO networks must be required to have enough chiropractors (and other appropriate non-medical healers too) in their CCO networks. Networks/ CCO must be required to have enough willing providers from each health care profession so that no type of provider is underrepresented and consumers do not have to wait to see a particular provider type.


Thank you.


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