Potential Lumbar Prodisc Surgical Complications

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 As with any surgery, there are some possible complications that can occur when you have total disc replacement surgery with the lumbar Prodisc implant. Complications can occur singly or in combination and may include:
  • Allergic reaction to the implant materials
  • Bladder problems
  • Bleeding, which may require a blood transfusion
  • Blood clot (emboli) in the blood stream or lungs
  • Death
  • Difficulty with bowel movement or other problems with your bowels
  • Failure of the implant/procedure to improve your symptoms and/or ability to function
  • Failure of incision to heal properly or other incision problems
  • Fracture of the vertebrae
  • Fusion
  • Implant failure (e.g., implants that bend, break, loosen or move)
  • Impotence or retrograde ejaculation
  • Infection
  • Injury to internal structures such as your kidney, ureter, bowel, blood vessels, or lymphatic vessels
  • Need for additional surgery which could include removal of the ProDisc-L implant
  • Pain or discomfort
  • Paralysis
  • Phlebitis (swelling of veins)
  • Pneumonia
  • Problems with your blood vessels other than bleeding
  • Seizures
  • Side effects from anesthesia
  • Spinal cord or nerve damage
  • Spinal fluid leakage
  • Spinal Instability
  • Tears of the dura (a layer of tissue covering the spinal cord)
  • Wear debris (load-bearing implants that allow motion have been shown to potentially generate wear debris over time. Early and/or long-term effects of wear debris in the human spine are not yet known)

Warning: Overloading of the spine by engaging in extreme activities (i.e., heavyweight lifting) may result in failure of the prosthesis.

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