Slip and Fall/Personal Injury

Slip and fall injuries can happen anytime to anyone. They are often the result from another party’s negligence. For instance failing to notify others of slick or rough surfaces, poor maintenance on walkways or noncompliance with safety codes and other variables can often contribute to a slip and fall injury.

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Your Slip and Fall Injuries

Even if you think your slip and fall did not have an affect on your body you could still have suffered injuries. Often times a slip and fall injury that seems minor can cause severe injuries to a person because of our natural reaction to attempt to brace ourselves for the coming impact. Your bones, joints, muscles and ligaments and even the nervous system can all suffer trauma from such an accident. This trauma can often result in misalignment to your spine which can result in interference with the signals in the nervous system and produce pinched nerves, damage to the discs, neck and back pain and even long term damage.

If you have been involved in a slip and fall accident call our doctors and schedule your FREE consultation right away. Don’t risk severe pain and long term damage to your body by hoping your pain goes away by itself. Remember, Five Dangerous Words…”Maybe it will go away”!

How Dr. Tunick and the team at Natural Pain Solutions Helps

When you receive treatment for injuries at Natural Pain Solutions you are choosing treatment with a team of doctors and therapists who provide comprehensive injury care. We provide a comprehensive diagnosis, documentation and an individual treatment plan that your injuries require and works towards a full and complete recovery.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

If you were injured from a slip and fall accident due to the negligence of another party then you may be entitled to a cash settlement to cover your medical bills, lost wages, as well as for general pain and suffering, and hiring an attorney may be in your best interest. However, you should always call your doctor first! Attorney won’t be able to do anything for you until your injuries are properly documented by your physician.

Delay in treatment is the most common reason insurance companies may use to deny an injury claim. They want to see that you made an effort to seek out follow up care even after being released from the Emergency Room. Once your injuries have been properly diagnosed and documented and treated, your Natural Pain Solutions doctor can recommend a local injury attorney upon your request. Don’t jeopardize your ability to receive a fair settlement for your injuries…call us first!

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Remember that at Natural Pain Solutions we are here to help! We want to work with you towards a full and complete recovery and document your injuries so you can receive the cash settlement that you deserve-but it starts with your call. Dr. Tunick is available to speak with you personally about your slip and fall injuries and we see patients promptly. This means that in most cases same day appointments are available for you. Don’t wait any longer-schedule your FREE consultation right away!

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